Violet Night - Remix Competition

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I'm running a remix contest together with WAVO of my Billboard Top 10 single “Violet Night”. The song is from my EP “Enter the Dreamland”, which AllMusic named one of the top 20 of the year globally (Pop).  "Violet Night" has started #8 and #37 on two different Billboard Dance charts.

You get the chance to play with Stems I shaped together with multi-Grammy winner Joe Chiccarelli.

Cash prizes up to $1,000.

Upload your remix to Soundcloud and post on Wavo for a chance to win. I am looking for a mix that rivals or surpasses the original. Be creative and make sure it is radio and/or club ready. Up to 2 entries per participant allowed. Anything goes, from adding rap to making it a duet. 

This is: Meresha - Spotify Playlist

- $500 Cash (via PayPal) for winner 
- Runners up may be selected and compensated $100 each  
- Social sharing across my social profiles 
- Potential commercial release of winning remix (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) 

All submissions must be submitted via Soundcloud on the Wavo contest page. Submissions and voting close at 11:59 PST on March 14, 2018.

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Meresha is an indie singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and Producer.  She is an Alien Pop innovator.  With a deep, wide-ranging soulful voice and a quirky sonic vision, Meresha hit Billboard Top 40 charts 3 times with songs like “New Revolution” and “My Love Has Come”.   She’s been the #1 Indie artist on US radio for a month.  Billboard named her the #3 upcoming global artist (Next Big Sound).  

Meresha's current well-reviewed EP "Enter the Dreamland" was composed by Meresha and polished together with multi-Grammy winner Joe Chiccarelli in Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood.  The album entered the Billboard Heatseeker chart and was Top 10 on iTunes and Amazon charts.  She debuted the EP live for 40,000 at SunFest, Florida’s largest seaside festival, on the main stage/main night. Industry standard AllMusic named "Enter the Dreamland" one of the Top 20 Pop Albums of 2017 globally.


bpm: 120  

keys: Eb-   Eb pentatonic   


violet night  

we dance to feel alright  


violet night  

how good to be alive  


hold me tight  

we’re bout to see the light  


don’t be shy  


we are walking  

on our own now  


we are moving  

down the fast road  


violet night  

we’ve arrived  


when we’re in the club, we’re free  

chaos, dreams, eternity  


looking for the puzzle piece  

our eyes open galaxies   


dancing in the club, we’re free  

this is everything we need  


living our destiny  

our eyes open galaxies  


we are one,  we are free  

feeling it inside of me  


i have found the puzzle piece  

it is right in front of me  


this was always meant to be  

your eyes open galaxies  


my eyes open galaxies  

this was always meant to be