Olivia is available now!  Have you heard it?

Love 💜,


What the critics are saying: 

"I adore the quirky melodic lines which create multiple soundscapes"

"Addictively danceable story about the temptations of drugs”  


"This is some weird pop stuff that subverts the use of conventional technique”  


“Quirky track with cool pop overtones”  


"My interest was piqued here because it dares to do something different”  


“Eclectic sound”  


“Es un estilo llamativo y muy innovador”  


“I'm in love with that rap at 02:33”  


“It made me think of Prince and Janelle Monae (great compliments!).”  


“The song has a lot of personality”  


“Unique sound. Haven’t heard many structured like this.”  


“I really love the message here”  


“There was a real edge or energy underpinning the track”  


“Super quirky alternative pop vibes”  


“The song is catchy”  


”Like the danceable style”  


“Very unique sounding track overall”  


“I really enjoyed the synths and the kind of retro feeling to the song”  


“Cool track with an amazing atmosphere”

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