It's time to get your "Fire On"

Meresha sparks a Fire with "Fire On" 

Ever want to spark a fire? Not literally, but to light a passion? 

It's time to get your “Fire On”.

The song takes a journey as two find themselves at a party among palm trees. 

They dance under the stars on the beach. 

Everyone at the party is having fun and grooving to the body-moving music. 

It makes you want to throw your hands up until they are full of stars. 

There's no space for conflict in Meresha's fun zone. It's time to get your "Fire On". 


Meresha may soon be on a first-name basis with the public” - Palm Beach Post
Exciting and otherwordly talent” - Extra TV
Singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Meresha is bringing an extraterrestrial touch to pop music.” - Boca Raton Magazine

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